Recipe ideas.

Breads and Cereals:

  • Lettuce, lean ham and cheese; tomato and cottage cheese; marmite/vegemite, lettuce and cheese; chicken, celery and light mayonnaise; tuna and shredded cabbage; ham and mustard; spaghetti and cheese.
  • Small fruit or bran based muffins and small scones.
  • Plain sweet biscuits, crackers.
  • Fruit bread.
  • Left over rice or pasta dishes.
  • Couscous or pasta salad.

Muesli bars can be high in sugar and fat. Rather than putting them in the lunch box everyday, add them occasionally. (Note- we at Aroha Early Learning Centre are nut free, so check for nut traces even)

Fruit and Vegetables:

  • Small bananas; apples, oranges and pears; easy to peal mandarins; grapes, strawberries, kiwifruit; nectarines, peaches, apricots; fruit salad or canned fruit in juice; fruit kebabs.
  • Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, peas in a pod; vegetable sticks and dip; vegetable kebabs; salad fillings in sandwiches, rolls etc.; leftover cold cooked vegetables e.g. potato, kumera, taro; vegetable soup in a flask.

Dairy Products (reduced-fat varieties are best) 

  • Cheese slices (or wedges) with crackers and vegetable sticks; yogurt (reduced-fat); small cartons of reduced-fat flavoured milk or smoothies; cheese toasties or muffins; cheese or cottage cheese as a filling for sandwiches etc.

Children should have at least 2 to 3 servings of milk and milk products per day and reduced-fat varieties are appropriate for children two years and over.

Meat Products and Alternatives:

  • Lean meats for sandwich fillings; baked bean toasties; leftover cold meat in sandwiches; canned tuna or salmon in sandwiches; chicken drumsticks; lentils and beans in vegetable soup.


  • Dried fruit; plain popcorn; rice crackers with tomato salsa or hummus; pikelets, fruit buns, crumpets; small servings of custard or rice pudding; natural yogurt with mashed fruit stirred through it.

Limit the amount of biscuits, crisps and cakes offered in the lunchbox to once a week, if at all.


  • Water is the best drink for your child. Freezing a small drink bottle overnight and placing it in the lunchbox will help to keep the food cold during the summer months.

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  • We use Storypark to share learning stories and ePortfolios privately with the parents and families of the children that attend Aroha.