Tips for lunches

Tips and Tricks for the Lunchbox

Here are some great tips and tricks on how to add dairy to your children’s lunchbox, with little hassle and a few surprises to make a healthy, nourishing meal in the middle of the day.

A great idea is to get your kids involved in their lunchbox planning. Let them make their own lunches by selecting at least one item of fruit or vegetables, one nutritious snack and one main lunch component like a sandwich, or a salad. They’ll need to make sure they have a healthy drink like water as well. We feel that the more our children feel involved in these decisions, the more likely they are to eat all of their lunch each day – and enjoy it!

Mix up sandwiches with different types of bread, wholemeal, white, mixed-grain, tortillas, pitas and combine with cheese and other fillings that your kids love. For example, cut the crusts off a slice of bread, add a spread (if desired), top with sliced ham and a cheese stick, roll up firmly to create fun cheesy rolls. cat-yoghurtOr rather than sandwiches each day, try adding sushi with different fillings, a pasta salad or home baking. Variety is key to keeping our kids excited about lunch each day.

Add a homemade fresh and nutritious smoothie. Perfect for morning tea. Blend together Anchor Milk, a pottle of yoghurt (any flavour), a banana, and some frozen berries. These are a great way to provide extra nutrition in your kid’s diet on a hot day – pour into a cool thermos, and it should stay cold until morning tea time!

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